Marvel Manor saved my life! When my sister was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's I thought I could take care of her myself. After 3-1/2 years, I finally realized I couldn't take care of her anymore! Laura Marvel and her facility were referred to me and what a life saver they were! Laura and her staff were always there for my sister and took amazing care of her! When her time came the care givers were there 24/7 to keep her comfortable until she passed. I will always be grateful to Laura and her care givers for the compassion and love they gave my sister and myself!




      When it became apparent that my husband who suffers from Alzheimer's needed more personalized care, I was given the name of Laura Marvel and her facility, Marvel Manor. To say that was the brightest star in my life at the time was an understatement. The facility was wonderful. Small for more personalized care, loving care givers, constant attention to both personal and medical matters, and most of all a feeling that not only was this for my husband, but for me as well. I always went away from there knowing he was in the best care, and most of all loved!

      They say this disease is the "long good bye" but this time was made so much easier by Laura Marvel and her wonderful staff at Marvel Manor.




       At the first part of April, 2009 I heard about Marvel Manor from a friend. I had been looking for a place for my mom to live and had been told that 'group' homes were not a good setting. The nursing home she was in wanted to keep her permanently. The price was unbelievable and the service was so bad, I couldn't even imagine keeping her there. I decided to visit Marvel Manor since I was running out of options fast. The first five minutes convinced me.  Laura and the staff that were there that day were loving, respectful and had a great sense of humor. The home felt like home, and I knew my mother would be loved.  I moved her in a week later.  While I was putting her room together, my mom began to cry and I was terrified that she was unhappy. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she "couldn't believe I could have found such a nice place for her to live".  Even she felt the love within hours of moving in.  There was not a day that mom didn't feel loved and respected. The staff allowed her the little idiosyncrasies she had (like her hair and lipstick fetish), they teased her back when mom teased, and made her laugh. They treated her like their own mom and my mother felt that from day one.  Her privacy was respected and she loved the food too.  Since I have visited other group homes since my mom passed later in 2009, I have found that Marvel Manor is better staffed than most and no one compares to the individual compassion and love they share with each and every resident.  I know how hard it is when a resident passes, but there isn't anywhere in the world I would rather have my loved one, to feel love and respect up until the very last minute they have on this earth. I started doing crafts with the residents when mom moved in and she's been gone over a year and I still go there to do crafts or just visit.  When mom moved in, Laura told me that "once you move in, you become family".  She wasn't kidding.  I feel a part of Marvel Manor just as much as when my mom lived there.  My granddaughter called it "Marvelous Manor" and that is an understatement. My mother's smile and peace of mind while there was truly special, as are the entire staff.  I would be happy to answer anyone's questions or concerns they might have. 

Dory Markling 

       My father Jesse Nobles was a resident at Marvel Manor from mid October 2009 until his death on June 3, 2010. When he arrived at Marvel Manor he was straight out of a rehab hospital where he had been for the previous 4 weeks do to a broken hip that had been replaced. He broke his hip in a HIC home that would no longer care for him because his need for care had gotten so extensive. He was welcomed with open arms and given loving care at Marvel Manor. He was taken care of in every aspect of his daily living, from his personal hygiene to his nutritional needs. Marvel Manor is a home away from home for all of the residents. Friendships are made not only between the residents but between their families. The caregivers are amazing professionals. They are well trained and do their jobs with the love and care that only a person with the heart for such a professional can do. My dad was allowed to stay at Marvel Manor even when his care became more demanding. He was comfortable there and trusted the people around him. Marvel Manor is in every way an assisted living home. My dad was incapable of even the simpliest of self help. I was allowed to enjoy the last few months of my dad's life without worry of the quality of his care and I knew without a doubt that he was among people who truly loved him as much as his own family.


Tami Campbell 

Our Mom, Maria Juarez, was at Marvel Manor for 4 years and was the second resident when they opened their doors in 2006.  They took excellent care of her until her death in August, 2010.  We never once worried about the care that she was receiving.  We knew that she was loved and was taken care with such respect.   They showed such compassion in her final days which we will always be so grateful for and we will never forget.  Laura Marvel and her staff will always be part of our family.

Kathy D.

When the decision was made that I could no longer care for my dad at... home I began the process of looking for a group home where I could place my trust that he would receive the same level of care and love that he received at home.  I visited several "homes" in the Las Vegas area.  When I "interviewed" Laura I was instantly impressed by the compassion she demonstrated towards her "job" as the leader of a group of people who genuinely cared for those in their care.  I carefully watched and listened as her staff went about the business of taking care of "their" residents.  There was no "faked" attitude.  It was obvious that they truely loved what they were doing and had a tremendous amount of respect for their "boss" and "their" residents.   I visited my dad there daily.  It didn't matter what time of day I went there,  it was always the same.  Happy residents.  Happy staff. Happy dad. He so enjoyed living there.  He lived there over 2 and a half years.  When the end drew near I could sense a feeling of sorrow from the staff very similar to the feelings I was having.  When the end was imminent we all seemed to greive together.  Laura was with me, at his side, when he passed at 3:21 am.  I cannot thank her and her staff enough for the enrichment they brought to his final few years.  I know my dad left this world happy and contented that he was surrounded by people who cared and loved him almost as much as I did.  Thank you Laura for giving him a happy ending. 

Robert H.


My relationship with Laura and Dave Marvel started in 2006. I was told by a physician that my 86 year old dad should not live on his own. I was completely lost, with no idea which direction to go. Thankfully my co-worker recommended Marvel Manor. She had just moved her mother there a couple of months earlier and had nothing but praise for the care her mom was receiving.

When I first toured the facility, I was very pleased to see such a homey atmosphere. There is nothing that looks or feels "clinical". Residents can bring their things and decorate their room to their liking. It helps them feel like it's their home.

At first, my dad was very weak, but with the professional attention he got from the staff, his interest in life returned. It was great to see him enjoying the computer, movies, and his music again. He not only got stronger, but regained the quality of his life. He was a resident at Marvel Manor for almost 3 years.

When it became clear that my mother needed more assistance, I called Laura immediately. She still had me in her phone book, and I felt like I had never left the Marvel Manor family. When you have a relative that is a resident there, that's exactly what it feels like ,,, one big family. Laura cares about every resident and their family like you are her family!

My mother received the same excellent care, and spent her last few years enjoying life. She loved playing dominoes and got a game going whenever she could! It was such a comfort to know that my mother would never be alone again.

It is always heartbreaking to see a loved one decline, and then to lose them, but I am so thankful to have had Laura as my guide on both of my parent's journeys. Had I not met her, I truly don't know what decisions I would have made, and what possible outcomes there might have been. Laura was at my side every step of the way, and my parents thrived under her care. She and her amazing staff will always have a special place in my heart.

 Lehua S.